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Mary Lou Hennrich

My name is Mary Lou Hennrich, and I am a Democrat, who is running for State Representative, District 46.

I am a retired nurse, public health and healthcare advocate, strongly encouraged by many public health, healthcare reform and social justice advocates to bring my passion, persistence and years of successful advocacy experience—on both state and local progressive issues to Salem, as your new State Representative for HD 46, where I have lived since childhood.

About Mary Lou

“I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change.
I’m changing the thing I cannot accept.”

Angela Davis

Her passion for improving the health of individuals and communities began as a Public Health and School Nurse serving Northeast, Southeast and East Multnomah County communities.  She was instrumental in organizing the Multnomah County Nurses to be represented by the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) and she served as Vice-President of the Nurses Bargaining Unit for several years.

Later, in 1985, as a Deputy Director of Multnomah County Health Department she established the first School-Based Health Center (SBHC) at north Portland’s Roosevelt High School.  In the beginning, SBHC’s were very controversial, but now SBHC’s are sited in most Multnomah County High and Middle Schools, and many other schools throughout Oregon. There are currently more than 70 SBHC’s across the state providing care to thousands of students each year.

These clinics, along with eight large, geographically dispersed Multnomah County Primary Care Clinics serve 50,000+ individuals and families annually.  As Primary Care Director in 1993, Mary Lou led the effort that established a partnership with Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s) across Oregon, founding and leading CareOregon for its first ten years of operation. CareOregon, now nearly 30 years later, is the largest Oregon Health Plan (OHP) provider serving 500,000+ low income OHP eligible individuals and families in the metro area and many other communities across the state.

The Campaign

Mary Lou Is Your Best Advocate On The Issues That Matter Most To You! Mary Lou Gets Results

Mary Lou is building a Coalition in District 46 to champion important causes that greatly affect you and your Family!. The need is great! The complacency is real! This time to act is NOW!

I Believe:

  • We must ALL work together to address climate change. As a public health professional, I understand the intersection of climate and the environment on our health.  We must work to reduce the risk, prepare for climate change-driven disasters, and also assure sustainable jobs.
  • As a grandparent and mother of a public-school Special Education Teacher, I stand up for quality schools, our students, and our teachers. They hold the key to our future. Chronic under-funding must not continue.
  • All Oregonians should have access to affordable, quality healthcare. As a Nurse with a career in Public Health, I witnessed too many people suffer because they put off needed care because it was too expensive or not accessible.
  • No one in our community should have to live in a tent! Government at the city, county, state and federal levels must to work together for real solutions!  We must expand affordable housing options and support services for those who need them. Our working families should be given the resources they need to succeed, including affordable childcare.
  • We all want to feel safe in our communities—it is not just the job of law enforcement to make this happen. Strengthening neighborhoods and communities must be more than a slogan!

My career in nursing, public health policy, and advocacy for justice and equity has shown me the difference it makes to families when they can access safe, stable housing, quality health care–and secure, well paid jobs. Our economy is working for some Oregonians, but not for all. We must work together to ensure that NO ONE is left behind.

I have a lifetime of getting things done.  I get RESULTS! 

We need like-minded people like you – who want to make a difference in their communities! Would you consider joining our cause by becoming a volunteer in the campaign? Your gifts, strengths, talents and your experience is wholeheartedly welcomed!

I think you give a damn – like we do!! Just click the GET INVOLVED NOW! button below and fill out a quick little form and we will be on contact immediately! THANK YOU!!

Mary Lou Gets Results


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